R.O.U.S. !!!

Here is a brief summary of the rules:


Regular of Unusual Status

Does someone you know have what it takes? Nominate someone to be guest of the month!

How it works:

-You nominate someone (or yourself if you are greedy) by filling out one of our handy dandy nomination forms! Nominee should attend the pub more than once a month because everyone benefits when the person is in house! More about this later.

-Nomination period is the 1st – 19th of the month.

-Three Nominees are selected at random out of our R.O.U.S. box!!!

-Nominators are notified and are to construct a miniature bio and reasons why your nominee should be elected! (Humor and absurdity are always appreciated keep it clean) Please turn in by the 21th!

-Candidates are announced on the 22th of the month and voting commences via in house ballot box, Facebook likes, and website polls (other methods coming soon).  Each staff member also gets weighted (3) votes so be polite to the staff.

What do I get out of it?

R.O.U.S. receives: Half off their one favorite menu item and a happy hour deal on their one favorite cocktail/beer/beverage whenever they are in the pub for that month!

Nominator receives (if their candidate wins):25$ gift card If someone nominates themselves, they do not qualify for $25 gift card(nice try person with no friends)

Everyone receives:  15% off the R.O.U.S. favorite menu item and the same beverage deal as the R.O.U.S.when the ROUS is present. Also that deal will apply from 3:30pm-6:30pm Tuesdays and Saturdays regardless of the presence of the R.O.U.S.

The ROUS of the Year receives:  Menu item and beverage designed & named in their honor a $50 gift certificate and 10% off everything they consume for the whole next year!